businesses that plant trees

Business and industry provide us so many amazing, life enhancing products and services. It’s important to recognize that the resources they rely on are sourced from the natural world, and without functioning ecosystems, those resources become more and more scarce. The Trillion Trees Campaign offers a simple way to reinvest a portion of revenue back into regenerating functioning ecosystems, and therefor the global resource pool, for the future of humanity and for future business opportunities.


Tree planting creates jobs, offsets carbon emissions, restores watersheds, bio-remediates pollution, and reduces the impact of natural disasters. In short, it creates solutions to global problems that are becoming a greater and greater threat to businesses and the global economy each year. Taking the long view, it’s easy to see how restoring Earth's damaged ecosystems now is the best way to keep the environment, communities and businesses thriving for the decades and centuries to come.

Here are 4 ideas for how your businesses can participate in tree planting:

1% For Trees 

Show your customers you care about restoring the planet by donating 1% of either your net or gross profits to tree planting. Participating companies get to use the ‘1% for Trees’ logo in their marketing. This can be done on an ongoing basis, or as individual events such as: “We donate 1% of our sales on Earth Day”.

Offset Your Impact

Businesses can also calculate their company’s carbon footprint and commit to planting enough trees to off-set their carbon impact. This sends their customers a clear message that they care about the planet, not just profit.

Plant A Tree Every Day for Your Employees

Employers can choose to plant a tree, every day of the year, for each of their employees. This empowers the employees by knowing they are contributing to a better world as they work. Employers can also offer tree-for-tree matching by planting a tree every day for each employee who also signs up themselves. At 10¢ to $1 per tree, it costs as little as $3 per employee per month.

Donations Per Sale

With each sale you make you can plant trees by simply choosing a number of trees to donate for each item you sell and making a tax-deductible donation at the end of each month. Planting one tree for each sale will only cost you 10¢ – $1 and your customers can know that their purchase made a positive impact in the world. 


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