Trees and forests are the anchor for healthy environments around the world. They turn sunlight into the ecosystem infrastructure and many resources that humans and all life need to thrive. Water, food, habitat, soil, air, climate – the supplies and functions that create and uphold the conditions for life, are created and sustained by trees. And you can help plant them.


Massive global ecosystem restoration and reforestation is possible and can be done when millions of people contribute to tree planting. The Trillion Trees Campaign offers a simple way to get involved by helping to plant trees for as little as 10¢ per tree – micro-crowd funding our way to a thriving future. There is no need to wait for the discovery of more technologies, or the implementation of new policies, to turn a new leaf on many of our environmental and humanitarian challenges. 


We can act NOW. 

Like a forest fire in reverse, with your help,

tree planting can sweep across the face of the Earth, greening as it goes.

The Trillion Trees Campaign is officially partnered with
Trees for the Future & Eden Reforestation Projects
Trillion Trees Campaign is 100% volunteer run with all donations going directly to tree planting.