About the Trillion Trees Campaign

About Trillion Trees CampaignEarth now faces an unprecedented complex of global threats to human survival, to which restored forests are the most dynamic, multi-benefit and affordable solution. Planting a trillion trees has the capacity to offset our global CO2 emissions – over time, restoring the atmosphere to equilibrium. This collective tree planting initiative will lead to job creation for millions of people, while bringing over a billion acres of presently degraded land back to productive use.  A trillion trees will also provide an ongoing source of food, water, shelter, fuel, medicine, wildlife habitat, healthy topsoil, livestock feed, and other things people need such as shade, beauty and a sense of purpose.

Large scale global reforestation is possible, and can be done when millions of people contribute to tree planting. This campaign offers a simple way to get involved by helping to plant trees for as little as 10¢ per tree. There is no need to wait for the discovery of more technologies, or the implementation of new policies, to prevent a climate catastrophe.

We can act NOW. Like a forest fire in reverse, with your help, the Trillion Trees Campaign can sweep across the face of the Earth, greening as it goes.

The Trillion Trees Campaign is 100% volunteer run with all donations going directly to tree planting.
To learn more about the Trillion Trees Campaign please visit Frequently Asked Questions.