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Recommended Books

One Shot: Trees As Our Last Chance For Survival by John Leary – Executive Director of Trees for the Future

Forests: Reasons to be Hopeful by Bill Liao


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Watch Now – The Best of Youtube Tree Coverage

Which Came First – The Rain or the Rainforest? – 3 min
A three minute explanation of trees and the water cycle.


Capture the Rain & Rebuild the Economy – 5 min 40 sec
How the loss of trees in Los Angeles has jeopardized their water supply, and what can be done about it.


Green Gold – 38 min
A look into large-scale ecosystem restoration with Dr.John D. Liu


Life in Syntropy – 15 min 28 sec
A 1,200 acre Forest Garden in Brazil that will leave you thinking about farming in all kinds of new ways.


Amazing insights into the ‘Soil Solutions to Climate Problems’ – 4 min
Narrated by Michael Pollan


The Soil Story – 4 min
Another look at creating healthy soil as a solution to climate change.


Forest Man – 16 min 34 sec
The story of one man’s passion to plant a forest to save the island he has always called home.


A Blind Man and His Armless Friend Plant 10,000 Trees in China – 11 min (GoPro)
The story of two friends who overcome their disabilities by working together to plant trees.


Auria – 4 min 42 sec
The amazing story of an an experimental tree farm, seeking and discovering the solutions to Australia’s soil salting and desertification problem. 


Wangari Maathai: The Story of the Hummingbird – 2 min

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